UZAZU practice site

Have you seen the brand new UZAZU practice site yet!?Dylan Newcomb launched it after a few technical glitches, and(as far as he knows!) is now fully functional and set to go for you!I received my invitation and was allowed to pass it on to others, so you can read the invitation below:The Foundations Membership area, where we teach all the basic
elements of UZAZU – is absolutely free!

Sign up now here!
The videos and downloads we’ve placed there give you the background
and the nuts and bolts to create personal tools for facilitating change,
managing your experiences and integrating body and mind more fully
in everything you do.In addition, I have already produced six new videos and added them to
the Foundations Area, which guides you through:

  1. Core Basics, Polarity, Yin & Yang
  2. The Four Domains of Experience: Sensation, Emotion, Thought and Action
  3. The Sixteen Energy Dynamics (sign up and try them)

So click here now and learn how you can master the four key aspects that shape
the quality, power, and meaning of your own life experience, moment to moment.
Learn as well about each of the sixteen essential body-mind dynamics that empower
you to co-create with the power of your sensations, emotions, thoughts, and actions.

We are excited to have many members already logging on and benefiting from
the many cutting-edge UZAZU body-mind insights and practices contained there.

More than 22 soon-to-be UZAZU coaches are using the Premium Membership
to practice daily and prepare themselves for the 14-day intensive training starting
next weekend!

So sign up here to access all these videos instantly!
(You’ll get your UZAZU Membership username and password right away.)

Again – I’m super excited to be able to share this all with ALL OF YOU now, free of
charge! Please write and share what insights and shifts UZAZU brings you…

Dylan Newcomb
Founder, UZAZU

Over 2bcoaching, Trudy van den Berg

TRUDY ZEGT: "Als verandermanager en teamcoach heb ik de leukste baan die er voor mij is omdat ik ervan geniet om samen continue van en met elkaar te leren. Ieder heeft zijn eigen waarheid en die probeer ik te begrijpen en respecteren voor zover ik dat kan. Daarbij is respect van alle perspectieven zoals die er op verschillende momenten zijn voor mij essentieel. Uit ervaring weet ik "samen weet je meer".
Dit bericht werd geplaatst in 2beffective methode, ontwikkelen en getagged met , , , , . Maak dit favoriet permalink.

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