An introduction to UZAZU Mind-Body Change Facilitation

With UZAZU Founders Dylan Newcomb and Kyung-sun Baek

Saturday, September 3 · 11:00am – 2:00pm 
Cost: 35 euro
At: Danslab
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b 
Den Haag 2518 RA

Easily sign-up for this event HERE!

Do you want to tap into the full power of the body-mind to make a
meaningful difference in lives of both yourself and others? 

If you  work as a coach, counselor, teacher, or therapist, and/or are
passionate about helping yourself and others improve their lives, then
this introduction to UZAZU Mind-Body Change Facilitation is for you!

UZAZU’s unique Mind-Body Change Facilitation Process gives you simple,
powerful keys that allow you to tap into the full synergy between mind and
body and access the eight essential modes, or aspects, of facilitating deep,
integrated, sustainable change with yourself and others.

In this three hour workshop, you will experience which of these modes, or
relational patterns, you are already using well and which you may be only
scratching the surface of, or perhaps avoiding altogether!

Based on a highly researched blend of I Ching-Yin/Yang dynamics, Spiral
Dynamics, Developmental Psychology and Coaching, the UZAZU Mind-Body
Change Facilitation uses a simple sequence of eight breath, sound, image
and movements, together with key Statements and Guiding Questions,
performed either together with a Facilitator or alone as a fully self-guided
integration process.

Lasting anywhere from 2 minutes to 90 minutes, this key sequence of eight
distinct modes or ‘energy patterns’ allows you to to gently and deeply sense
into inner conflict and tensions and quickly transform them into powerful
insights, deep resolution, and positive energy. This powerful, simple process
is something that you can easily take away with you and apply to any tensions
or conflicts you have!

UZAZU is a transformational modality that gives you the tools you need to
unlock the enormous potential of your body-mind connection. It is a language
that ‘speaks’ without words. UZAZU has been born of embodied experience
and extensive collaborative discovery. It integrates many spiritual, psychological,
philosophical and movement disciplines, both ancient and modern, into a truly
21st Century transformational practice.

Coming together for three hours of UZAZU gets you fully into your body-mind,
unleashes gobs of positive energy, and is especially powerful (and fun) in a
group setting.

If you’re new to UZAZU, it’s easy, intuitive (and fun, of course) to jump into and
learn right away.

For experienced practitioners, this UZAZU workshop offers a unique opportunity
to experience UZAZU with founders Dylan Newcomb and Kyung-sun Baek and
to experience this significant latest development in UZAZU – the Mind-Body
Change Facilitation Process.

This workshop costs 35 euro, pay at the door.

Due to space limitations, it’s advisable to sign up for this event on Facebook here!!

Wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in.

For more information on UZAZU, see

For videos teaching you the basics of UZAZU for free, go to:

I look forward to seeing you there!


Dylan Newcomb

Founder | Director


Over 2bcoaching, Trudy van den Berg

TRUDY ZEGT: "Als verandermanager en teamcoach heb ik de leukste baan die er voor mij is omdat ik ervan geniet om samen continue van en met elkaar te leren. Ieder heeft zijn eigen waarheid en die probeer ik te begrijpen en respecteren voor zover ik dat kan. Daarbij is respect van alle perspectieven zoals die er op verschillende momenten zijn voor mij essentieel. Uit ervaring weet ik "samen weet je meer".
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