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How many emotions do we have?

Bron: The emotion machine Door: Steven Handel dd. 24 mei 2011 Psychologists have yet to fully tackle the question “How many emotions do we have?” Part of the difficulty is because our experiences are so complex and involve so many … Lees verder

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3 leadership tips

Red Three Leadership Steps to Defuse Tense Situations – by Rosabeth Moss Kanter How do leaders maintain morale and momentum when members of their team are close to collapsing in frustration over the obstacles they face? Perhaps the issue is … Lees verder

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Does taking command of emotions make you heartless and soulless

Following your feelings makes you human. Right? Published on September 3, 2011 by Christine Meinecke, Ph.D. in Everybody Marries the Wrong Person Oh, my! We feel so attached to our negative emotions! Some of us believe that we can’t help … Lees verder

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Een manager kan nooit een goede coach zijn

Bron: MKB Recruitment blog Door: Edwin Van der Poel Datum: 12 mei 2011 Deze stelling werd mij tijdens een training voorgehouden en zorgde voor de nodige discussie onder de cursisten. Een manager kan een goede coach zijn, maar vanzelfsprekend is … Lees verder

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8 Simple Ways to Customize Your Resume

Bron: By Suzanne Lucas | January 31, 2011 Generic resumes don’t work. Virtually any career coach or HR professional will tell you that to stand out from the piles of applications, you need to customize your resume to the … Lees verder

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7 Tips for Using Personality Tests to Hire

Personality testing can be very useful for small businesses, where the impact of hiring the wrong worker has a disproportionate effect. Bron: By Kay McFadden |  Mar 21, 2011 Personality tests – also known as behavioral assessments and predictive tests — have … Lees verder

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Coach spellen

We organiseren regelmatig spellenavonden. Meer over de spellenavonden voor coaches door coaches vind je hier. Ken je een spel wat je graag aan onderstaande lijst zou willen toevoegen laat me dat dan weten. Neem contact met me op via LinkedIn, … Lees verder

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